We, Darya Tsymbalyuk and Iryna Zamuruieva, are selling our artwork to fundraise for our homeland, Ukraine. 

If you are interested, email the artist, tell them the name of the piece, transfer the money and we will make sure the piece is shipped to you. The shipping might not be immediate, but we will do our best to send it to you asap. Thank you.

You can send money here: 
Account holder: Iryna Zamuruieva
IBAN: GB14 TRWI 2314 7042 1427 63
Sort code: 23-14-70
Account number: 42142763
Wise's address:  56 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JJ, United Kingdom
Payment reference: StandWithUkraine

Darya Tsymbalyuk 

My name is Darya Tsymbalyuk. I am in Scotland, but my family and friends are in Ukraine. My mom is in the metro station in Kyiv, sheltering and my father is defending the sity in a volunteer battalion. I am trying to collect money to pass on to my friends on the ground who are purchasing and bringing aid, bullet proof vests and medicine to the people in Ukraine.

These drawings were made by me for an animation film (still in progress) ‘Displaced Garden’ which tells stories of war and displacement from Donbas, Ukraine. Some of these drawings are portraits of plants who were displaced when the war started in 2014.

The drawings are made in coloured pencils, format A5. The painting is A5, oil on canvas.

I will be selling them, starting from £350 (sliding scale).

email: darya.tsymbalyuk@gmail.com 

At the moment I also have covid (worst timing!), so can’t leave the house, and given the demand for help in many places, I won’t be able to ship the drawing to you immediately, but I will do that, I guarantee that.

1. aloe (side) 
2. aloe (top) 
3.dracaena (top) 
4. sanseveria (side)
5. sanseveria (top) 
6. christmas cactus (side) SOLD
7. coleus (side)
8. coleus (top) 
9. orchid (side) SOLD
10. dracaena (side) 
11. sanseveria small (top) 
12. crassula (top) 
13. sanseveria (top) 
14. rubber plant b/w 
15. orchid (top) SOLD
16. african violet SOLD
17. crassula (side) 
18. christmas cactus (top) 

19. rubber plant tree (from Donetsk!) 

Iryna Zamuruieva

My name is Iryna Zamuruieva, I’m based in Scotland now but originally come from Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine. A lot of my friends have fled their cities, a lot of them stayed and are defending, taking care of one another, resisting Russian invasion.

These photography based prints are part of my vital composers series. They go back to Uath Lochans in the North of Scotland, where I started making these images.  I am very much into wondering what a more care-ful relationship between ourselves and other creatures looks & feels like (spoiler: from where I’m now it surely isn’t one where my home country is invaded and bombed by Russia). This work is a meditation on that theme. It’s also about encountering the seemingly familiar in all its weirdness and joy.

Medium: photography based prints and collage, printed on 300gsm fine art paper in matte

email: zamuruieva@gmail.com

1. vital composers #1 (size: 30.5 x 15.5 cm, quantity available: 2)

2. vital composers #4 (size: 30.5 x 23.5 cm, quantity available: 2)

3. vital composers #5 (size 30.5 x 23.5 cm, quantity available: 2)

4. vital composers, shimmer (size: 30.5 x 23.5 cm, quantity available: 5)

My dear friend and artist Miriam Colombero is also selling her work to fundraise for Ukraine. You can find it here