DO NOT DESPAIR: a letter to a

scholar whose homeland will be attacked by Russia next and interview by Annabel Park 

Presidential Plenary: Decolonization in Practice
2023 ASEEES Annual Convention

Заземлення. Інвазія — Екологічні наслідки вторгнення Росії в Україну 

(Grounding. Invasion — Environmental impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine) 

IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives
Public programme of the art residency Grounding. Invasion

UkrEnvHum: The Future of the Ukrainian Environmental Humanities


Ecocide & Urbicide roundtable 

The Reconstruction
of Ukraine symposium

Ruination / Representation / Solidarity

Coal: Old and New 

Ukraine: Energy in the Spotlight

Centre for Energy Ethics and Centre for Russian, Soviet, Central and Eastern European Studies, University of St Andrews 


Co-organised by Vlad Vazheyevskyy, Sasha Shestakova, Anna Engelhardt and Michał Murawski

Supported by PPV (Perverting the Power Vertical), the FRINGE Centre for the Study of Social and Cultural Complexity, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL and Reference Point

Decolonising Russia's War on Ukraine
A day of talks, film screenings and conversations dissecting Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine as a colonial enterprise.


Doing Things
People/Взаємодія з людьми

Slavic Studies Goes Public podcast, British Academy-funded 2020 workshop "Slavic Studies Goes Public: Creating an ECR Network in the Public Humanities
A Ukrainian language discussion of the ideologies, ideals, and ambitions that inform work with public audiences with Svitlana Osipchuk, Viktoria Naumenko, Darya Tsymbalyuk and Jessica Zychowicz.

Access All Areas 5: Energy Humanities 

Centre for Russian, Soviet, Central and Eastern European Studies, University of St Andrews 
Darya Tsymbalyuk, Dr Leyla Sayfutdinova, and Matilde Morales discuss what Soviet modernity has in common with other modernities, and how area studies can help us examine this question; the role of humanities and social sciences in addressing challenges of deindustrialisation and extractivist modes of production; and the aesthetic representations and uses of oil and other energy sources.

Byre World: Donbas Odyssey 

Byre World, School of Modern Languages, University of St Andrews
The authors of Donbass Odyssey art project (Julia Philipjeva, Darya Tsymbalyuk and Victor Zasypkin) discuss their work in conversation with Dr Victoria Donovan.